Spaico Group is a distinguished management company that offers specialized and globally-oriented products, technologies, solutions, and comprehensive services. Our unwavering commitment is to create success and enhance value for our esteemed clientele and trusted partners. With a resolute focus on various domains, including traditional and new energy vehicle power systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, intelligent connectivity, international economic and technological cooperation, as well as talent education and exchange, we forge new paths and foster innovation. Armed with our unique advantages and unwavering dedication, we actively contribute to constructing a contemporary world characterized by low-carbon environmental protection, ecological harmony, and progressive advancement.


Within the management group, Spaico Industrial is dedicated to international matching and the supply of automotive engine systems and key components. We collaborate closely with top-tier manufacturing companies in China and renowned international automobile manufacturers to offer quality "Made in China" products to the world, covering global power product design and development, production process formulation, equipment, and automated production line provision.


Spaico Technology gathers industrial experts to develop cutting-edge technological products and solutions. Through relentless innovation, we deliver intelligent and high-performance technology products. Our flagship program, "SJTU-SPAICO," brings together outstanding scientists, researchers, and engineers in the industry. We focus on new fuels and new energy technologies aligned with the national strategy and goals of achieving carbon neutrality and peaking carbon emissions. Committed to research and development of new energy and intelligent power technology products and solutions, we strive to "overtake on curves" and promote international applications.


Spaico Consulting is dedicated to providing professional and customized solutions for individuals and corporate clients. We help them gain profound insights into foreign markets, entrepreneurial opportunities, policy environments, research dynamics, and technology adoption, thereby achieving success on the international stage. Our experienced consultants possess in-depth knowledge of business cultures, regulatory policies, and market opportunities in different countries and regions. In the realm of international entrepreneurship and asset allocation, we offer comprehensive market research and analysis reports, assess potential market risks and opportunities, and assist clients in formulating pragmatic business strategies.


Spaico Education is an emerging and vital field within Spaico Group. We are dedicated to cultivating internationally competitive technological talents. We provide professional consulting services to clients and business partners, helping them grasp technological trends and market opportunities. Our subsidiary, "Project Aspire," offers quality educational, academic, and career planning services to highly qualified domestic students, nurturing top-notch talent with technical expertise and global perspectives.


At Spaico Group, we strive to lead the global industrial and technology sectors, relentlessly advancing with our guiding motto: ”Unyielding Progress, Expanding Frontiers, Embracing Excellence”.


  • 2009

    Founding Time

  • 80

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